Huntsville, Texas SEO

Huntsville, Texas is a city with lots to offer and it’s remained a bit of a hidden gem for the Lonestar state. It hasn’t been until recently that you could mention the city in conversation without the person you are talking to immediately assuming you are about to mention the prison. Home to Sam Houston State University, Huntsville is a growing city that manages to keep the small town feel. With more and more businesses popping up every month, it’s no wonder that businesses are trying to get a competitive age over their competition. If you own a business in the area and haven’t hired a digital marketing firm to manage your website, you are going to get left behind. At On the Grid Solutions, we strive to help local businesses stay on the top of their game and the top of the search engines. Our Huntsville, Texas SEO service helps put your website on the map and helps customers discover you.huntsville texas seo

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of ranking websites highly on search engines.When you create a website, it doesn’t just automatically appear at the top of Google for the terms that you want. In fact, Google uses a highly complicated algorithm to determine which websites appear on the first page. This algorithm changes all the time and means that whatever you might have learned about SEO a few months ago is probably outdated already. While it’s possible to learn how to perform Search Engine Optimization yourself, it’s a lot smarter and more efficient to hire professionals to manage it for you. Making even a single mistake when optimizing your website can make you vanish from the search engines.

How Do you Perform SEO?

SEO is performed by utilizing numerous different methods. To better understand how SEO is performed you must first recognize that there are two types of SEO: On-Page and Off-page.

On-Page SEO

This is the type of SEO that happens within your website. By having the correct headings, meta data, and content, you are well on your way to having good on-page SEO. Other elements of on-page SEO include internal backlinking. When you hyperlink back to a page on your own website, you have performed internal backlinking.

Off-Page SEO

Everything that determines how you rank in search engines that can’t be done from within your website is considered off-page SEO. One of the most important aspects of off-page SEO is acquiring external backlinks. Backlinks, as denoted by their name, are links back to your website. Any time that someone mentions your website and posts a link to your website on their website, you get a backlink. The quality of a backlink varies and having backlinks from more reputable sites will boost your rankings. A backlink from Buzzfeed would be exponentially better than a backlink that comes from your friends blog that isn’t even related to your industry.

This brings up another point about backlinks. While you can create your own by commenting on websites and blogs, it is essential that you make sure your backlinks are relevant. If you have a plumbing company and want a backlink it probably isn’t a good idea to comment on websites about floral design. Relevancy means everything in the world of SEO.

Why Would I Need this Service in Huntsville?

As the city becomes more popular for both students and families, Huntsville becomes a place that more and more businesses call “home.” When more businesses come into town they start to dig into your customer base and when you aren’t the only provider of your service in the area things start to get challenging. Businesses must find a way to innovate or they risk the chance that their competitor will take all of their business.


Search engine optimization can help ensure that you get most of the business from people searching online for the services or products that you have to offer. Since a majority of the city consists on students, you have to understand that most people in Huntsville are finding businesses by searching for them on Google. If your website is nowhere to be found on Google and your competitor’s site is at the top of the page, you might have to start worrying about the future of your business.

If you would like to put you current website on the first page of Google or need to have a website built from the ground up, be sure to check out our digital marketing services.