Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Marketing

Over half of daily search engine searches are performed on mobile devices.

Nowadays, just about everyone has a cell phone or tablet. The amount of mobile device users increases daily and there has been a shift in usage from computers to smartphones. Your website should accommodate mobile devices while still allowing desktop users to have a pleasant user experience. We make sure that our web design is geared towards mobile devices without leaving desktop users behind.

Websites that aren't mobile optimized not only are deemed less worthy by Google, but are also harder for users to navigate. There's nothing worse than having a customer whose ready to make a purchase but doesn't know how to find your contact page.

We incorporate sharing buttons into our mobile optimized websites so that readers can share content that they find interesting. This helps bring more visitors to your website and can result in more leads.

Our websites are responsive which means they adapt to the size of the screen on which the visitor is viewing your site. When a desktop is used instead, the website knows to show the full-sized, desktop versions of the webpages. We use a reverse engineering mindset to understand how a visitor would navigate the site upon landing on your home page, whether it be on a mobile device or on a computer.

Mobile First Design

Mobile users are shown the mobile version of your website which provides an easier to use interface when browsing on small screens.

Simple Call-to-Actions

Websites that are poorly optimized for mobile devices usually have hard to find contact pages. When visitors browse your website we make sure to make it as easy as possible for them to call your business.

Accurate Targeting

Mobile users often have a shorter attention span. Nobody likes reading long blocks of text on a cell phone so we show less text to users on mobile devices.