Why Snapchat Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore

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You’ve probably heard of Snapchat by now but if you aren’t already using it you are probably under the impression that only kids are using the quickly growing social media app. While people aged 18-24 account for 45% of Snapchatters, a good chunk of adults aged 25-54 are sending selfies and uploading photos to their stories.

Snapchats initial success and boom in popularity can be credited to the fact that it was a one of a kind application, in which you could send a picture that was only temporarily viewable. Social media had always been known as a place of permanence where once you post that embarrassing photo of your drunken escapade there was no taking it back. Sure, there’s the delete button but by the time you press it, it’s already been seen, shared, and downloaded by all of your friends. As said by Erica Albright in the movie The Social Network, “the Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.”emarketer image snapchat

The concept of a place where you could share moments, both silly and intimate, became a hit among the younger generations. Snapchat started making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t long before Snapchat became an app that was associated with minors and young adults exchanging nudes.

While news reports were still stuck on reporting the same story, Snapchat saw a shift in what it’s users were Snapchatting. Soon, the application became more of a place where one could check in and show their friends what they were doing that day. Snapchat became a place for teens to share pictures of their tropical vacation without having to worry about their grandma commenting on their status telling them to put sunscreen on before they swim. With the addition of private messaging, Snapchat had everything great about other social medias without the worry of their uploads being permanent.

Eventually parents started to realize that the app wasn’t actually for sending nudes and discovered that it was a great way to check on what their kids were doing when not under their supervision. What started as a way for parents to spy on their children became a place where adults could enjoy the same features as their kids. Sometimes people just want to post of picture of their night out on the town without having to worry about their bossing seeing the picture on Facebook.

With 60% of all Smartphone users now using Snapchat, there is no reason not to tap into this market. There has never been a better time to start using Snapchat because statistics show continued growth among users older than 30. The proportion of older users to businesses using Snapchat to advertise are very much in your favor. Your competition might already have a head start but that shouldn’t stop you from hopping on board the Snapchat train.

Here are three examples of businesses are already using Snapchat to boost their sales:

Club owners are putting signs on their door with their Snapcode printed on a flyer. They simply offer a $1.00 off their cover and that provides enough incentive for club-goers to add them.

Realtors have found a way to use Snapchat by incorporating it into their open houses. It’s common for realtors to put their Snapcode flyers all over surrounding neighborhoods. By taking pictures of the features a house has to offer and posting them to their story, potential buyers get to see a house before even going inside. This works in favor of the Realtor because even if the person isn’t interested in that particular house, they have the opportunity to draw them in when they post pictures of their next listing.

Local restaurants are getting creative and adding Snapcodes onto their receipts. Before putting the receipt into their wallet, patrons snap a picture of the Snapcode and add the restaurant on Snapchat. This allow restaurant owners to advertise their specials to customers that aren’t even in their restaurant. Sure, you could collect email addresses for your restaurant but a picture says a thousand words. Seeing a video of a chef add his finishing touches to some seared Mahi Mahi just might be enough to change someones mind from wanting to stay in for dinner to deciding to dine in at your restaurant.

The hardest part of executing a successful Snapchat campaign is figuring out what kind of content you are best at producing. Once you have that figured out, it’s simply a matter of being consistent, creative, and keeping your audience engaged in your Snaps. The worst mistake you can make when it comes to Snapchat is just not using the app for your business at all.

My name is Travis Motl and I fell in love with the internet at a young age. It didn't take long before I figured out that internet marketing is what I am passionate about and wish to do with the rest of my life.

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